If you wish to order the products per your measurements, we suggest you to fill in a form below, in future we will be able to find your measurements by your measurements ID, name or e-mail indicated in the form earlier. You can fill in the form several times for different people by specifying only one registered e-mail, but changing the fields first name and last name (for yourself, your partner, etc).

* Please indicate only real measurements, our clothes are made to stretch with approximately 10-15% reduction in order to get a fitting effect and in case of lowering the values may be small.
** For items ordered with measurements larger than XXL (please see the size chart for the standard sizes), a surcharge is possible for latex overruns, each measurements are considered individually.
*** Please enter the number "1" for measurements that are not related to the item you ordered, for example, it is not necessary to indicate a head measurement for the production of leggings. But we recommend filling in all measurements for future orders.